LUR, whose meaning is "land" in Basque, it’s a restaurant created by Mikel Alonso and Gerard Bellver under the concept of Spanish haute cuisine. A kitchen full of flavor that uses ancient and modern techniques to recreate traditional dishes of Spain.

The restaurant LUR is a space where, through smells and flavors, the chefs delight diners with dishes of Spanish origin. Accompanied by a warm decoration of dark walls and comfortable armchairs that invites to the after-dinner.

In addition, on the upper floor, you can find the terrace, an ideal space to spend a warm afternoon and a pleasant time.


The culinary proposal of LUR goes back to Spanish cuisine. In the menu you will find typical dishes from the old continent, designed to offer a visual, olfactory and gustatory texture, where the flavor is the main protagonist; dishes that, when tested, go back to the feeling of sharing an extraordinary moment with your family. If you are far from home, visit LUR and taste the flavor of the closest to Spain.

In LUR you will find dishes that integrate traditional and modern techniques, which are made with the purpose of serving the center. So, you can find a daily stew, a dish that you can refer to a Sunday with the family, or a holiday of the home. We also have a tasting menu, which is a tour of the typical flavors of Spain.